JAGSONPAL pharmaceuticals  



A team of professional managers manages Jagsonpal. Professionalism is a core value ingrained in the firm’s company culture. The company is a firm believer in meritocracy. The thread of professionalism runs through all aspects of the company’s operations. An active Human Resources department is responsible for ensuring that all new employees are interviewed thoroughly and only employees who show an aptitude for professionalism combined with domain specific knowledge are hired. A highly selective hiring process ensures that the firm hires the very best employees from the pool of potential candidates.

After hiring the very best candidates, the new employees are put through Jagsonpal’s in-house corporate training program. This training ensures that the employees are fully trained in domain specific knowledge and are also acquainted with the company’s culture.

As the employees gain work experience and based upon their performance they are promoted through the ranks of the organization. The best of the employees manage divisions and form the meat and bones of the company. It is this commitment to professional management that has resulted in sustained growth and profitability for the firm.

The firm has been able to achieve sustained growth and profitability over the decades only because of its commitment to professionalism. Jagsonpal is proud of its team of world-class managers who stand at the helm of the operation.

Each strategic business unit is viewed as a profit center that is managed by an independent division head. This professional focus has resulted in greater accountability, faster decision-making and a profitable overall enterprise.

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