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Jagsonpal has a state of the art marketing and distribution system that allows it to bring the products that it develops to the market efficiently and powerfully.

The firm is fully vertically integrated and its operations range from research and development to manufacturing to marketing its products. The firm has a substantial and sophisticated marketing operation. The firm markets its products in India through a large sales force. The firm also has marketing operations and affiliates in many countries. Jagsonpal is well positioned to grow by leveraging its marketing organization to sell more of its existing products, to sell new products through its existing marketing channels and to sell its products in global markets through its strong international presence.

The Indian Market

Jagsonpal has a core competency in marketing and distributing its pharmaceutical products in India. The firm has an extraordinary distribution network.

The marketing team is comprised of nearly 1000 marketing executives and 250 managers who sell the firm’s products actively in the field. The firm uses a state of the art hub and spoke distribution system. The distribution network is comprised of over 1500 authorized stockists who are serviced by Depots. The company’s pharmaceutical products are finally retailed at over 1,25,000 pharmacies.

Jagsonpal has created substantial brand equity with doctors in India. Over the years the firm has been able to cultivate tremendous goodwill with the medical fraternity. Jagsonpal has developed a relationship with approximately 1,50,000 doctors through its direct sales force. This is equivalent to about 70% of all the doctors in India.

A well-trained Jagsonpal marketing executives stands out amongst the crowd, in the doctor’s clinic. Doctors views Jagsonpal’s marketing executives as a source of cutting edge medical information. Additional marketing channels that are utilized include medical conferences, seminars, direct and mailing.

International Markets

Vying successfully with international competition like Wockhardt, German Remedies, Boots, Pfizer and Infar, Jagsonpal pharmaceuticals has a host of drugs in the top-ten highest selling category.

The company has a sales office in New York through which it services North and Latin American clients. It also oversees all contract manufacturing activities in the same region, coordinating production and distribution.

Belarus boasts a full-fledged operation center staffed with a complete sales and distribution team. The office manages the firm’s contract manufacturing facilities in the area. Jagsonpal markets almost 2 dozen products throughout the country. Clinical trials for 2 of the firm’s products are underway in the fields of oncology and urology.

The company has made progress into formulation and API exports to SE Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. New registrations are underway in Ukraine, Russia, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Thailand and Vietnam making Jagsonpal's reach truly global.


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