JAGSONPAL pharmaceuticals  

Multi-National Presence



Jagsonpal is committed to growth through international expansion.
The firm is already a multi-national player with a presence in over 15 countries. Jagsonpal reaps substantial benefits by being a global player. The firm sells its existing products in new international markets. The firm is able to share research and development costs with foreign companies by licensing its own products to them. Jagsonpal has also obtained licenses from foreign companies to sell their products in India.

Jagsonpal’s operations span Russia, Brazil, USA, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Thailand, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, Korea, Egypt and Vietnam making Jagsonpal's reach truly global.

The Company has an expanding international portfolio of affiliates, joint ventures and representative offices across the globe. A core part
of Jagsonpal’s strategy is to grow through international expansion.
The firm welcomes strategic alliances with foreign companies that foster technology sharing, joint research and development, entry into new markets or new product development.

For contact details of Jagsonpal around the world, please click here.

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