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Research & Development

Trusted and respected both by end-user customers and the medical fraternity for its impeccable track record over the years, Jagsonpal is committed to actualizing its mission – to spread health and healing in the world, by investing heavily in Research and Development.

Jagsonpal is one of the larger investors on Research and Development in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The firm’s decade old Research and Development Department is registered with and approved by the Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India. Jagsonpal has a core competency in developmental chemistry which it has successfully leveraged to create an enviable record of successful project commercialization, both in the bulk drugs and formulations segments.

Some of the products developed by Jagsonpal in
the recent past are:

Tolnaftate 1986
Indocap SR 1984
Sterile Unipacks 1987
Thiopental sodium 1992

Click here to see a list of upcoming products.

Clinical Trials

Jagsonpal is regularly and comprehensively involved in the clinical trials of new drugs and formulations. The company has testing centers across India and Belarus, with trials conducted by experienced technicians and supervised by doctors of high repute.

LycoRed (Jagsonpal's own Lycopene formulation) and Nandralone Decanoate have undergone clinical trials at medical colleges and research institutes in New Delhi like the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Maulana Azad Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital, apart from others across the country and in Belarus as well.

The results of LycoRed trials have been published in various journals of international and national repute. The results have also been presented at numerous conferences, like the First International Conference on Health Benefits held in Washington and the 27th Societe Internationale d'Urologie Congress 2004, held in Honolulu.



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