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In 1964 Jagsonpal started from humble beginnings with Mr. Jagmohan S. Kochhar operating a chemists shop in Delhi. Soon he expanded into making formulations. Mr. Kochhar’s vision was to spread health and healing in India on a larger scale. He was at the helm of the company from its inception, through the startup phase. Even though Jagsonpal was a small business at the time, his vision was to create one of India’s premiere pharmaceutical companies.

In 1978, Fourteen years later, the company had outgrown the startup phase and was incorporated as a private limited company. Jagsonpal was now a fast growing pharmaceutical company. The firm was committed to healing India with quality pharmaceutical products and had its eyes firmly set on becoming one of the country’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

In 1986 Jagsonpal went public on the BSE with an issue of 17.76 lakh (One hundred thousand) shares. This was the first time the firm had tapped the capital markets. Jagsonpal had come a long way from its birth as a chemists shop in Delhi. After this there was no looking back and Jagsonpal had its eyes set firmly on the future.

In 1994 the company was listed on the NSE. This trait of not being content with the status quo has become a core part of Jagsonpal’s company culture. Commitment to growth is ingrained in the very soul of the company and this is reflected in the Jagsonpal’s current aggressive growth strategy.

Today Jagsonpal is a publicly traded company
with revenues of $37 million and a multi-national presence.

It has been a long journey from a chemist shop in 1964 to a multi-national pharmaceutical company in 2011. A singular mission has fueled this 40-year journey. To bring health and healing to

India using the best technology, a powerful organization and cutting edge practices.

The original promoters of the company currently hold of 65.8% of the total equity. Jagsonpal has been in the family for three generations. At heart Jagsonpal is a family owned business. However, the firm has been so successful only because there is a clear distinction between ownership and management. The management of Jagsonpal is a meritocracy. Professional managers who are responsible for divisions in the company. Each division is a profit center, making the management directly accountable for their performance.

Today Jagsonpal is singularly committed to aggressive growth and to realize its mission – to use the power of big business, to spread health and healing in the world.


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